Before you hire a truck accident lawyer: Know the facts

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You may have numerous things to manage when involved in a truck accident in Los Angeles. Your health should be your immediate concern, and even when you have endured minor injuries, check with an injury doctor without delay. Your treatment details will come in handy when you file an injury claim. It is also the time to talk to a truck accident lawyer who will help you evaluate the damages. If you have never worked with a lawyer, here are some things to know.

Lawyers don’t charge a fee to review claims

As with all personal injury claims, your lawyer won’t ask for anything when doing an initial review of your truck accident case. You should, however, go in prepared with all the documents and offer all the info that your attorney needs to put a dollar value on the claim. Because there is nothing to lose, you should meet an attorney at the least to know the situation in detail.

Not all lawyers handle truck accident claims

There are a few unique aspects of truck accident claims. Firstly, more than one party could be responsible for your injuries, and it could be hard to investigate things further without an attorney. Secondly, the trucking industry is governed by a wide range of state and federal laws, and the insurance system is complex. You need a lawyer who has experience with similar cases. Only a few lawyers can claim to have adequate knowledge of such lawsuits.

You need a lawyer who can go to trial

At times, the insurance amount may not cover everything. It can also happen that there is no room for a settlement. If parties don’t agree on the final compensation, a lawsuit may be necessary. Because most claims are settled, lawyers don’t always have trial experience. Things may not move in any direction, and it is best to have an attorney who can take the truck accident case to court to recover your settlement.

Your lawyer will get a contingency fee

No win, no fee – That’s the essence of hiring an attorney. If you don’t recover money for your claim, your truck accident lawyer cannot ask for a fee. In exchange, your lawyer will charge a fixed share of the compensation, which lifestylefun could be anywhere between 25% to 40%. You will pay a higher contingency fee if the case is expected to go into litigation.

Go ahead and meet an attorney today!


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