How to Present Awards

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Whether your company awards the top performers or if you just want to recognize someone’s efforts, giving awards can be a great way to reinforce your investment in your employees. Awards give your employees a sense of recognition and motivation to continue to improve. They also strengthen your organization.

The types of rewards that you can give include cash, stock options, profit sharing, and gift cards. While there are many different forms, they all are intended to encourage people to do good work.

Whether you are presenting awards to an entire team of employees or to just one person, you’ll need to prepare for your big day. You can use a speech to describe what the award is for and how the recipient should use it. Keeping the presentation brief and personal will allow you to put the audience at ease.

Be sure to get some rest and prepare your body for the day. It’s best to avoid speaking with a stiff voice and read the speech from a prepared script. Also, use language that is comfortable to you.

When you are talking to the audience, it is important to keep your eye contact. If you’re not confident, you’ll have a harder time connecting with your audience.

For example, you may decide that you want to give an award to someone who drives a great social media campaign. Instead of a cash award, you might give them a token object such as a title of honor.