How to Write a Biography

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Biography is a type of nonfiction writing that tells the story of a person’s life. The information provided in a biography may range from birth to death, and may focus on milestones, lessons learned, and the person’s achievements. A good biography will give readers a glimpse into the life of the subject and help them connect with the person.

Biographies can be written about a single person, or about a group of people. They can also be written about an animal, a city, a river, or a poem.

Writing a biography requires many steps, including selecting a subject and performing research. It is important to write an objective account, but to include personal commentary. Often, the best biographies take readers back in time to the person’s birth.

While writing a biography, the most important goal is to create an interesting and engaging story that readers will want to read. To accomplish this, the biography writer must intercut experiences from different stages of the subject’s life.

Another step in the process is analyzing sources for hidden gems. These can be in the form of quotations, anecdotes, and endnotes.

The first phase of the biography process involves identifying the major milestones in the subject’s life. These might include his or her first successful business venture, his or her marriage, or his or her first civil rights march.

The second stage of the biography process involves examining the source materials for any signs of themes. These could be anything from hobbies to professional affiliations.

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