The Definition of Celebrity

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The definition of celebrity is, “the status of a person regarded as famous.” This is a condition of public recognition, usually for talent or wealth.

Celebrity is a term that can refer to individuals, animals, or organizations. In the media, celebrities are people who are widely known. They may be famous in a particular country or region, or they may be well known throughout the world.

In the twentieth century, excesses of celebrity came into question. For example, Princess Diana was pursued by paparazzi. And, President Bill Clinton was notoriety for his relationship with congressional aide Monica Lewinsky.

New technologies have made it easy to quickly disseminate images. In addition, celebrities have developed a culture of intense identification.

Television and talk shows have created a variety of new forms of celebrity. For instance, Jennifer Aniston began in television, but moved into movies. Others such as Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman have also shifted between the two.

Celebrity culture has developed in the past few decades as a result of the rapid development of consumer and urban culture. During this period, social influencers became prominent.

Aside from actors, celebrities also include political leaders and sports stars. These people are often associated with celebrity status because they have successful careers in entertainment.

As a consequence, celebrity status has become a common association of wealth and success. In the past, the most famous celebrities are Hollywood film stars. But, with the advent of the Internet and other social media platforms, there are a number of new types of celebrities.