Types of Photography

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Photography is a way of documenting and recording life events. It is also a means of artistic expression. There are many types of photography and each type has its own appeal. Photos help us learn about other people and their lives. They are used to sell products, for advertising purposes, and even for book covers.

Photography can be traced back to the early 19th century. In the mid-1800s, people began to experiment with various types of photographs. Some created portraits, some captured moments of candidness, and others staged images to make them look like movies.

Photographic techniques were largely based on optics. A camera obscura was a small camera that could be used to create pictures. The aperture determines how much light enters the camera.

Photochemistry involves a combination of chemical substances that enable light rays to form an image inside a camera. These chemicals include sodium thiosulfate, hydrochloric acid, and silver chloride.

The first successful photograph was taken by a man named Nicephore Niepce in 1826/7. He took a photograph of his own country estate. His photograph showed the courtyard from the upper window of his house.

Another Frenchman, Gustave Le Gray, invented a new photographic technique called wet collodion. This glass negative process allowed single exposures and improved detail.

Before the introduction of wet collodion, photographers used the calotype process. Calotypes were made with silver-plated copper. However, the images were not permanent. Instead, a subsequent exposure would produce an ordinary print.