Understanding the Concept of Beauty

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In today’s world, beauty has become a means of power. It is important to understand that the concept of beauty is a multifaceted one. This explains why a certain person may be considered beautiful one day and a different type of person the next.

The idea of beauty is a complex social process that is affected by culture, race, and the era. Despite the fact that experts tend to agree on what makes someone beautiful, the process of defining beauty can become confusing.

Some of the factors that determine a person’s beauty include race, age, weight, hair color, facial symmetry, and body shape. These criteria are constantly changing, despite the fact that most people can agree on what a woman looks like.

Beauty standards are also influenced by class. Upper class women used cosmetics to make their faces more beautiful. They applied wax to wrinkled skin and tinted their gray hair.

Another important feature of beauty today is good health. Most societies have set a slender figure as a requirement for beautiful appearance.

Although beauty is subjective, many scientists believe that evolution has played a role in determining the ideal facial and body proportions. Ancient Greeks believed that perfect proportions were essential to a beautiful face.

During the early 16th century, Parisian doctor Jean Liebault believed that a woman’s best features were a pale face, a double chin, and dimpled cheeks. Similarly, women in England mimicked Queen Elizabeth I’s eyebrows and her hairstyle.