What is Biography?

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Biography is a way to tell a story about a person. It may be about a group of people or a particular individual. Regardless, the objective of biography is to give the reader a better understanding of the subject’s life.

A biographer is not a historian or psychologist. They write out of their own personal point of view. This gives them the opportunity to describe how their subject functions in the world and why he or she deserves to be written about. In addition, the emotional factor of living association adds color to the biography.

Biography is a genre that has a long history. From the classical Egyptian lives of illustrious heroes to the Lives of Great Women, biography has spanned centuries. Today, it is used in western literature.

The goal of a biography is to provide readers with an objective, thorough, and insightful look at a person’s life. To do this, a biography writer may want to use anecdotes, quotations, and dialogue. These can be used to enhance the entertainment value of the biography, as well as to inform the reader about the subject’s passions and interests.

Typically, a biography will be structured in chronological order, highlighting major events in a person’s life. Some of these may include marriages, births, and deaths. However, there may also be recurring patterns in a person’s life. For example, a person’s hobbies, such as playing sports, can demonstrate energy and creativity.

Biographies can be organized by theme. Examples of themes might include a person’s artistic and creative endeavors, overcoming adversity, or a series of events that led to a big decision.